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Web Accounts

Applying for an Apache account

To apply for space in the UCL Apache Web Server, you must complete a Web Form (pdf).

Completing this will result in the registration of a special userid, the 'Web account' for your unit. This is preferable to having a unit's Web pages in an individual's personal file space, as that person might leave, and his or her files would be deleted. Although the Web account belongs to the whole unit, we ask that a named individual, registered to use the service, takes responsibility for it in case of possible computer misuse under that account. We therefore also ask that a new W-form is completed when responsibility for the Web account is passed from one person to another.

The name of the Web account is assigned by Web Services. For a full department, the name is based on the four-letter department code followed by `www', 'w3a', 'w3b', etc.

The W-form gives you the opportunity to choose a URL for your home page. This will be a directory at the Web root, such as Conventionally, this is the unit name in lower case, with multiple words separated by dashes. 

On receiving their web account, users should contact to request that any email sent to the web account should be forwarded to their user email account. This will allow password expiry notifications to be forwarded. Alternatively the user should add the web account to their email package and check incoming mail regularly.

MySQL Accounts

To apply for a MySQL account you must have applied for a Apache account via the above process.