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Resource materials

We offer trainer-led and self-paced courses to all UCL students and staff. The pages below contain links to our training resources, including course workbooks, the example files and any additional training materials.  We also have links to self-paced courses, videos, online learning and quick reference guides.  Please see our FAQ page for more information about our resources.

For our trainer-led courses, there will also be a link to the staff and student training calendars so you can see when the course is next running.

Not sure what you need?  Want individual help?  Come along to our twice-weekly Drop In Service.

Resources are currently available for:

Word processing
   Word 2013*, Word 2010**, LaTeX with BibTex
  Excel 2013*, Excel 2010**
   PowerPoint 2013*, Powerpoint 2010**, Presentation skills
   Access 2013*, Access 2010**
Core Skills
   computer security, file management, intelligent web searching, wikis,
   touch typing,workstation ergonomics, note taking, mind mapping etc.
Email and Calendars
   Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007
Web Development
   Silva CMS, Introduction to HTML & CSS, Dreamweaver 8**
Graphics and Desktop Publishing
   Photoshop CS4, Irfanview**
Bibliographic Management
   Endnote X7, EndNote X4**, Reference Manager**
Data Analysis
   SPSS, Matlab, NVivo, Stata

*Office 2013 courses can be attended by people using 2010 versions. 
There are some differences between the two versions but most features are the same.

**Self-paced or reference material available only.