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Pearson Studio - Costs


The fees for videoconferencing are as follows...

Videoconference Type Internal Cost External Cost
IP Free to users £150 per hour + VAT
ISDN Cost based on call charges (View ISDN call charges PDF) £150 per hour + Call charges + VAT (View ISDN call charges PDF)
Outside Office Hours £P.O.A. £P.O.A.


For general enquiries regarding videoconferencing please contact our videoconferencing support staff directly on...

Internal Phone:   09259

External Phone:  +44 (0)20 7679 9259


General Information

Internal/External Service Costs

UCL Multimedia service costs are divided into two categories, namely:

  • Internal, and
  • External

Internal - Users who are able to present an IDT (Internal Departmental Transfer)  - or Electronic IDT - as payment for UCL Multimedia services will qualify for charges at the Internal cost rate.

*Note: VAT will not be charged on Internal costs

External - If a user cannot present an IDT as payment for UCL Multimedia services then they will be charged at the External cost rate.

*Note: VAT will be added to ALL External charges.

Working Hours

All the charges detailed on these pages assume jobs are carried out within normal weekday office hours of: 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday - Friday unless otherwise stated.

Outside Normal Office Hours

Jobs carried out outside the normal office hours of 9.00am - 5.00pm will incur an extra charge and are subject to personnel availability. Please contact us for details.

Weekend Rates

If jobs are carried out on weekends then there will be a minimum charge of: half day costs.