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The Access Grid - Training


Welcome to the Access Grid training page. The topics covered here are as follows...


Access Grid Technical Support & Training

Access Grid (AG) sessions are run by the Multimedia Unit who provide training and technical support for users of the Gower Street AG Studio.

Contact:  Desmond Walker, Video Communications Technologist
Email:, Tel: 0207 679 9356

It is a condition of use that user groups participate in the training (Training and Technical Support) outlined above, with a view to becoming largely self-sufficient in their usage of the Access Grid.

Training Manuals & Documentation

PDF versions of the Access Grid training documentation are available to view and download by choosing one of the following links...

Technical Information

If the meeting is being organised by another institution, you will want to make sure that you have the following details in advance of the session:

  • Virtual Venue address
  • Are any presentations to be given over Access Grid?
  • Is there a Jabber room being used, if so, what is the server address? (Jabber is a ‘instant messaging’ tool used by to communicate during the session, to deal with issues arising)

Location and Facilities

The Access Grid studio is in room 205 at 66-72 Gower Street and can accommodate a maximum of 20 persons.

Internet Access

General internet access and access to the main UCL website is available on the AG pilot’s console, but note that due to local fire walling there is no access to UCL subnets from this machine. If you need access to a UCL subnet, please email to arrange this is advance of your meeting. Note also that there is no other wired internet access provided as standard in the room; if you do need other wired access, please email, though participants are advised to use the secure UCL RoamNet service wherever this is possible.


The telephone in the AG studio is enabled for incoming calls only (+44 (0)20 7679 5754, internal 45754). If you need to have an outside line for your meeting, please email: Note that you will need to supply an account code for this usage to be charged to.


Note that food and drink are not allowed in the AG studio and any refreshments will need to be taken elsewhere.


The AG studio is kept locked; present your UCL id to any member of staff in the Gower Street building to gain access to the room and remember to lock the door again when you leave. If you need to arrange out of hours access, please email