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The Access Grid - Booking


To book an Access Grid videoconferencing session, please follow these steps...


Step 1 - Use the Online Calendar

Calendar Booking Facility

Please use the online calendar facility to book the UCL Central Access Grid at the following link:

Please note: The online calendar is password protected; please email from your UCL email for account details.

Timetable Booking Clashes

If, when using the online calendar, you find that there is an existing booking at the time for which you would like to use it for an Access Grid meeting, please email Tom Crummey in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at:

Arrangements will be made to relocate the conflicting meeting so that your Access Grid event can take place.


Step 2 - Organise Virtual Venue


UCL does not currently run a virtual venue server. So, if UCL is the 'lead' institution organising the meeting you will need to find out if one of the other participants runs a virtual venue server.

What if no-one has a Virtual Venue?

If no-one else has a virtual venue then it is possible to book one from the UK Access Grid Support Centre in Manchester.

Please use the following link to book this:

See UK Shared Virtual Venues List for more details and then contact the Access Grid Support Centre for more information as required. Tel: 0161 275 5997

Other Institutions

If the meeting is being organised by another institution, you will want to make sure that you have the following details in advance of the session:

  1. Virtual Venue address
  2. Are any presentations to be given over Access Grid?
  3. Is there a Jabber room being used, if so, what is the server address? (Jabber is a ‘instant messaging’ tool used by to communicate during the session, to deal with issues arising)


Step 3 - Arrange Training

Any Access Grid experience?

If your group does not include anyone with relevant experience of using the Access Grid, then the Multimedia department can arrange training for a nominated member of your team.

If you would like to arrange or find out more about training, email, as far in advance of your planned session as possible.

For further information about training, please visit the following section...


Step 4 - Arrange Testing

Open Sessions

The weekly ‘Open Sessions’ run by the Access Grid Support Centre (see are a useful way for you to test your requirements prior to using UCL’s Access Grid in advance of your meeting.

There is always an Access Grid expert from the Support Centre at the Open Session who can help with any troubleshooting that may be necessary.

Book Test Dates via Calendar

Arrangements for testing should be booked into the AG online calendar as described above and arranged with another meeting participant(s). (See )