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ISD Bookable - Rooms & Facilities

Booking via UCL Multimedia

A number of videoconferencing seminar rooms and lecture theatres can be booked directly through UCL Multimedia, which is a member of the Learning & Media Services department within ISD.

Rooms & Facilities

The videoconferencing rooms currently bookable through UCL Multimedia are...

  • Pearson Studio - A videoconferencing suite based in the basement of the Pearson Building and seating up to 30-35 individuals.
  • The Access Grid - A specialist videoconferencing facility allowing real-time collaboration and interactivity between multiple videoconferencing sites

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access or Wi-Fi is available in all of the UCL Multimedia video conferencing rooms. This facility can be accessed by members of the College via eduroam with their UCL username and password.

If you are organising a conference and external users would like wireless access, then you will need to apply for the VisiNet service.


For general enquiries regarding video-conferencing please contact our video-conferencing support staff directly on...

Internal Phone:   09356

External Phone:  +44 20 7679 9356