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Research Software Development Board


Terms of Reference
Contacting the Board
Minutes of Meetings


The Research Software Development Executive is accountable to the RIISG

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Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Board are as follows:

  • To set policy and define strategy for Research Software Development in UCL
  • To scrutinise and review the decisions and actions of the RSD Executive and RSD Team
  • To provide periodic reports on the above and any other matters arising, to RIISG

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The Board comprises UCL senior academic staff with leadership roles in computational research:

Name Institution or Role
Anthony Finkelstein (Chair) Dean, Engineering Sciences
Richard Catlow
Dean, Maths and Physical Sciences
Peter Coveney
Director, Centre for Computational Science
Simon Arridge
Centre for Medical Image Computing
Erik Burman
John Shawe-Taylor
Computer Science

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Meeting Frequency and Format

The group will meet once a quarter for two hours.

Secretarial support will be provided by ISD (Ms Rabina Choudhry).

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Contacting the RSD Board

In the first instance, all queries should be addressed to Dr James Hetherington, Research Software Development Team Leader, email j.hetherington AT

Alternatively, the Chair, Anthony Finkelstein, may be contacted at a.finkelstein AT

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Board meetings will be made available.

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