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Research Software Development

The UCL Research Software Development Team are professional software developers with particular expertise in creating software for academic research. Our goal is to enhance UCL's capacity to produce high quality scientific software by collaborating with researchers to create readable, reliable and efficient code.

Programming Effort

Grant funded programming effort

Research teams preparing grants involving software development should consider bringing in the team as collaborators, costing programming effort from our developers into the grant.

Termly call for free development

We will be providing a termly call for free software development effort in line with UCL’s research priorities.


We also provide a pilot service in Research Software Development Infrastructure. This will make available to those UCL researchers who create their own research software the tools they need to do so in a sustainable, professional manner.

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Our team run regular courses teaching best practice and methods for research software development.

Our training courses include:

Advice and Consultancy

The team members are always happy, where time permits, to consult, at no cost, with researchers on issues relating to computational research, including support for computational grant submissions, help with recruitment of research programmers, and to provide advice on thorny software design or implementation questions.

For general contact and queries regarding the Research Software Development Team and its services, please email

Seminar Series

Our research computing seminar series aims at creating an interdisciplinary forum to learn, meet and discuss about scientific computing.

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Our activities are governed by two academic governance bodies. The Research Software Development Resource Allocation Group (RSDRAG) is an executive body, chaired by Andrew Smith, which reports to the Research Software Development Group, chaired by Prof. Anthony Finkelstein

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