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SSH Service

Key Access Information

Access Method  ssh (What is ssh and how do I use it?)
Server Name
Username  Your central UCL username
Password  Your central UCL password *
Path to your project space

This will have been provided by us upon your registration but it will be of the form: 

/mnt/gpfs/UCL/project_directory (for GRIDscaler storage) # 

* You should never give your password to anyone under any circumstances (including Research Data Services or Information Services Division).

# This path is case-sensitive.


Our SSH service (formerly known as GRIDscaler) provides a copy-in/copy-out storage for research projects; this means that instead of the storage appearing like another drive/volume on your computer (c.f. usb flash drives, the UCL N or S drive), you use a program called an SFTP/SSH client to connect to the storage and upload/download files.

The Linux operating system underpins our service and is available to use (login to) if you are familiar with it but it is not necessary to know Linux to use our service. Please see the access guide for your operating system below for information on how to access your project space.

Access Guides

Further Information

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