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Email Addresses

If you have a query regarding the existing usage of a Research Data service (e.g. you are the PI of a project space and wish to add a user), please send an email to:

researchdata-support AT

All other general queries should be sent to:

researchdata-info AT

Mailing Lists

If you are an existing user of our services then you should be on the following mailing list:

researchdata-announce AT

If you are an existing user and do not believe you are on the list, please let us know by sending an email to our support email address.

UCL researchers, their partners and collaborators interested in the Research Data service can subscribe to our mailing list which will provide updates on the latest developments on this project:

researchdata-usergroup AT

The web page for users of this list, including how to subscribe/un-subscribe, can be found here:

Web Sites

Research Data Services is a division of Research IT Services (RITS); an overview of all services provided by RITS may be found at:

and more specifically, regarding Research Data Services:

Information related to the registration for and use of our service is available from this web site:


Research Data Services are located in the east end of the 1st floor of the Podium Building.

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UCL - Information Services Division

The Podium Building

1st Floor

1 Eversholt Street

London, NW1 2DN

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