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UCL Research Data Governance

The UCL Research Data service will be overseen by the Research IT Platforms
Planning Group.

It is proposed that the chair of this group should be the Research Data business owner. This group will be responsible for approving very high level major changes to the project, major areas of UCL wide policy, funding changes, and other issues as escalated by the project board.


Project Board

The Project Board is envisaged as a working Project Board to ensure the timely management of the project. The project Board will be chaired by a senior user representative.

Individual Organisation Department Role User/Supplier

Jacky Pallas


UCL FBS, Platform Technologies U
Mike Cope UCL Information Services Division S
Gavin McLachlin UCL Information Services Division S
Clare Gryce UCL Information Services Division S
Samuel Massiah UCL Faculty of Biomedical Sciences U
Richard Catlow UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences U
Anthony Finkelstein UCL Engineering Sciences U
Paul Ayris UCL Library   U
Pilot user representatives UCL tbc
User Group Forum representative UCL Only if required


ISD Information Assurance UCL Information Services Division Project Assurance
Simon Hodson JISC RDM Programme External opinion

 The Project Board’s role will be to:

  • Initiate the project by approving and signing-off the Project Initiation Document.
  • Act as UCL’s representatives and sounding board for monitoring and advising on the delivery of the project.
  • Support the Chair in directing the project and keeping it on track.
  • Receive progress reports from the Project Manager.
  • Act as the Change Control group for all major changes to the project.
  • Act as the escalation group to resolve those issues that are beyond the authority of the Project Implementation Team.
  • Meet as required to execute their responsibilities – at the end of each phase, else not less frequently than bi-monthly or as required
  • Commission and consider a post-project review and promote learning.
  • Escalate major project issues, and aspects that impact or are impacted by UCL policy to the Research IT Platforms Planning Group.
  • Decide on initial matters of research data policy and security.

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Technical and Operations Group

The Technical and Operations Group is the active name for the project implementation team. The Technical and Operations group will comprise the following individuals and roles. This team is designed to be flexible, to meet the requirements of the developing workstreams, and to ensure that additional expertise and roles can be brought into the project as required, under the direction of the Project Manager and the Project Board.

Project Manager (ISD)   Tony Croudass, Dai Jenkins
Storage Architect Daniel Hanlon
Data Centre Services (ISD) Thomas Jones
Network Services (ISD) James Clements
Senior Software Engineer Dugan Witherick
Data Storage Engineer Alastair Smith
Technical consultant (Comp Science) Denis Timm
Technical consultant (Comp. Science) Tristan Clark
Technical Consultant (Library)   Martin Moyle
Project procurement (ISD) Hazel Crossley

User Group

The User Group will be given the opportunity to meet at least twice per year. These meetings will be organisationally supported by the Research Data Service. The UG will be given the option to elect a representative who will have a seat on the Project Board.

  • Meet at least twice a year.
  • Be open to all research activities across UCL (and UCLH, UCLP) to build a community of those with research data requirements.
  • To facilitate, in conjunction with the Project Manager, the ongoing gathering of requirements to provide input into the development phases of the service.
  • Act as a channel of information between the UCL Research Data service and researchers within the respective research groups and departments that the User Group members represent.

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