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Access Guide for Research Data Pilot Service

This is the old access guide. Please visit the new guide here: Storage Access Guide

This is a temporary site providing information to pilot users on how to access the Research Data Pilot Service.

As this is a pilot service, please bear in mind the following:

  • Access to the service is only available to those who have directly contacted us and have been provided
  • Allocations are provided to project as the central concept of our service, not individuals.
  • There may be unplanned outages. For planned outages, we are aiming to give you plenty of warning.
  • Your connection to the service may be unstable at times as we make changes to key configuration and network settings.
  • There is a (very small) chance of data loss. If your data cannot be easily reproduced please ensure that those on our pilot service is not the only copy.
  • We do not currently back up either service although we have a disaster recovery feature that is currently being commissioned.
  • Our data centre should not be used to store data for which you have obligations under the UK Data Protection Act 1998, including anonymous data for which a re-identification key is available. If you are unsure whether your data is covered by the act or require more general advice, please see one of the following links:

If you have come across this page and are in need of data storage for your research project, please contact us at researchdata-info [ AT ]

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