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UCL Research Data Services

UCL Research Data Services is planning and implementing a series of services to facilitate better management of digital datasets by UCL researchers, their partners and collaborators.

The first service is the UCL Research Data Storage service: Large scale facility for research data during your project.
The second service is the UCL Research Data Archive service: Long term data storage for the products of your project (planned for pilot mid 2014)
The third service is the UCL Research Data Access service: A facility to locate, reference and access research data from the UCL Research Data Archive (planned for pilot late 2014)

For a more detailed overview of our services and the people who run it, please visit our new introduction to Research Data Services site:

Information on how to register your project on our service and, how to access your project storage will remain here.

Objectives and Policies

Research Data Storage

Other Information

The key objectives of the UCL Research Data service are to provide:

• Capability to store, preserve and access increasingly large volumes of electronic research data and
data products

• Capability to support coordinated end-to-end research ‘workflows’ encompassing the use of both data storage and computational resources, by UCL researchers.

• The protection and preservation of UCL’s research data assets.

• Increased potential for re-use and possible future exploitation of UCL’s research data assets.

• Opportunities to consolidate UCL’s data storage infrastructure. Unified pan-UCL services (single system for all researchers)

• Compliance with increasingly stringent requirements for the management
of project (data) outputs by the Research Councils.

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UCL Research Data Policy version 4.0 2013

The Vice Provost (Research) has ratified a UCL Research Data Policy. This policy outlines responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the storage and management of data outputs from research at UCL.

The full current policy can be downloaded here.

Guidelines and communication events are being developed and will be available shortly

Current Status:


The UCL Research Data service has a formal governance structure and appointed Jacky Pallas as the Chair of the Research Data Executive.

Further information regarding governance structure can be found here.

Research Data Storage Phase 1:

A requirements study was completed and pilots users for Phase 1 deployment identified. Service procurement and development delivered a planned Phase 1 deployment in Q2 2013. This activity will begin a modular architecture to facilitate the management of the research data life-cycle from creation to publication.

We are engaged in open discussions with pilot users to determine the range of user requirements for the service and to prioritise those elements for development.

These requirements, in combination with ongoing analysis of potential solutions, are being combined to specify the functionality required for the initial service deployment and the long term service plans.

Research Data Storage Phase 2:

The Phase 1 infrastructure and pilot activities were built on during the second half of 2013 and extended the storage service to a wider group of users.

The Storage service has identified a set of access protocols that were shown to be the most useful to researchers from the Phase 1 pilot.

Phase 2 increased storage capacity in readiness for cross-college availability

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