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Iridis Cluster

Iridis is a distributed memory computing cluster jointly owned by UCL, the University of Southampton, and the University of Oxford, with approximately 12,000 cores over 900 nodes.

The Iridis cluster is designed for more highly parallel workloads than the Legion cluster, allowing more nodes to be used simultaneously by the same job. Due to this design intent and shared nature, use is generally restricted to users who require at least several nodes for each job (usually through an MPI-type mechanism).

Users of the Iridis system may use up to 100 nodes (1200 cores) for a single job without any special request, or up to 500 nodes (6000 cores) by making a request to the CRAG, demonstrating efficient and functional scaling behaviour for the code proposed.

General support information on things like getting started on the cluster is currently hosted on the web pages set up by the consortium, and logistic arrangements around where Iridis-related information is kept are still being formalised. In the meanwhile, we are endeavouring to make information available here as we produce it.

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