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Planned Outages

Below is the list of planned outages, partial or otherwise, which Research Computing Platforms will have to undergo for service improvements or due to external dependencies, such as data centre infrastructural works.

Date specifies the period of time during which the outage is expected to take place.

Outage details the Service and specific hardware affected by the outage.

Comments provides additional information such as details about how the service will be affected and advice.

Date Outage Comments
22nd - 29th August

Partial outage
Nodes of class X, Y, Z and GPU. 

Data transfer node.

Data Centre outage for maintenance work.

Nodes of class W will be available for computational work. The service should be considered "at risk" for the duration.

The data transfer node (login05) will be unavailable for the duration.

28th September -



Legion unavailable Upgrade of parallel file system
( ~/Scratch )

There will be no access to Legion compute nodes or Scratch areas.
23rd - 26th October 

Legion unavailable Re-configuration, testing and data replication to upgraded Scratch area (~/Scratch).

Access to old Scratch data only

13th - 20st November


continued through to the 30th of December

Partial outage
Nodes of type X (CU's K L N O)
Testing upgraded Scratch area.

21st - 25th

UPDATE: postponed to

30th November - 6th December

Legion unavailable
Data replication from old to upgraded Scratch area. Old Scratch available as read-only from login01.

 14th - 17th

Partial outage
Nodes of class X, Y, Z and GPU. 

Data transfer node (login05).

Data centre repairs. 

Cluster will have only nodes of type W available, which may lead to increased wait times.

 11th - 15th
Legion partial outage -   compute units i and j  Repairs in the Physics & Astronomy data centre. 

Minor increase in wait times expected.

2nd - 5th August 2013 Complete outage of Legion, Unity and Condor services. Planned power outage in data centre.
 14th - 17th October
 Planned outage of nodes of type W.  The service will be available for all other node types.
1st - 4th November
Complete outage of Legion. Cancelled.

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