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Legion Priority Access

We recognise that researchers may sometimes require a higher throughput of work than it is possible to achieve with free 'fair share' usage of Legion. There are 3 ways of obtaining additional Legion resource beyond this fair share:

1. Make a special request to the CRAG for free priority access:
users who wish to request additional resources or reserve resources beyond those provided under prevailing CRAG (Computational Resource Allocation Group) policy can complete this form in collaboration with the leader of the Research Computing Consortium to which the relevant Project belongs.

The completed form should be sent to the Research Computing team via rc-support AT, for technical review. If successful, your case will be presented to the CRAG for consideration at the next meeting of the Group. The CRAG meets monthly, usually on the second or third Friday of the month, and users will be informed of the Group's decision as soon as possible after their next meeting.

Note that an application to the CRAG for additional resources is only likely to be approved if the impact on other users is not deemed to be significant, or of long duration.

2. Lease option: if a dedicated share of Legion is required for a fixed period of time, it may be possible to lease a portion of the existing hardware (see the priority access terms and conditions for details of costs). Lease requests cannot exceed 10% of the total size of the cluster and will also be reviewed by the CRAG.

3. Purchase a section of Legion: if the project requiring the additional Legion resource is of significant scale and duration (i.e. the researcher is likely to be considering the purchase of dedicated hardware as part of a research grant) the most cost-effective way of doing this is to purchase a 'Legion section' - see a more detailed explanation of this option.

If you would like advice on which of these options might be most appropriate for your project, please contact