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Research Publications Service (RPS):

UCL's Research Publications Service is an online database for information about UCL's research publications. It forms part of UCL Discovery - the repository for UCL's research output.

The RPS software has been upgraded to a new version (3.8.1).

Find out what's new in this version of RPS.

How to find RPS and IRIS:

Log into RPS from the UCL Discovery homepage:

Enter in your browser (or click this link)
Look down the left-hand side for the section "For UCL authors"
Click the "Maintain your publications (RPS)" or "View your IRIS profile" links.

What can RPS do?

What can I do with RPS? How do I do that?
Maintain your own publications
Log into the system using the Maintain your publications link on UCL Discovery (see above). Any publications that the system has found online that may be yours will be in a 'pending publications' list or you can add/amend publications manually. Have a look at the Help for more information and instructions.
Search UCL research output
Use the search functions on the UCL Discovery main page (before you log in). This is a view of the data in RPS for all UCL users and for the public, including in many cases full text for download.
Embed publications lists in your web pages
There are instructions on how to include publications data in your own or departmental web pages available here.
Maintain publications for other in my department
You can register as a publications administrator for your department and will then be able to use the 'impersonate' function to maintain publications for your colleagues.
If you receive and e-mail from RPS about having Pending Publications awaiting approval, have a look at the Getting Started with RPS guide.

The new system is quite straightforward to use but there are a range of resources available to help you make the most of the system:

  • User Guides - a collection of online user guides, including the supplier's product manuals and guidance specific to publications data at UCL.
  • Computer Based Training - a series of short online demonstrations and exercises on aspects of the RPS System - available via UCL Moodle.
  • It is hoped that the Computer Based Training will meet the majority of needs for learning how to use RPS and as such there are no formal training courses on RPS. However, if you would like to organise a session for your department or faculty then please contact us at

What is RPS?

The Research Publications Service was introduced to replace UCL's previous research publications system, OnCite. The new system uses a product, Symplectic Elements, that is used commonly across the HE sector. 

A significant feature of this system compared to others is that it can 'harvest' publications data from various authoritative online data sources, including PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science. For many users, this will significantly reduce the amount of data entry required to keep publications data up-to-date - something that is crucial to UCL for research assessment exercises and for professorial appraisal.

The system also provides:

  • Email alerts when new publications are found for you to claim
  • Integration with the Institutional Research Information Service (IRIS)a nd the PAR professorial appraisal system
  • Full-text transfer facility to the UCL Discovery Open Access repository
  • Easier preparation for grant applications and research assessments

Registering to use RPS

All UCL staff and research based students are automatically set up to access RPS using their UCL ID and password. However, there are a handful of higher level functions which staff can request access to:

  • Research Manager - Users can manage publications on behalf of other staff in their department
  • Statistician - Users can generate and run reports containing bibliographic information for their department

To request access to the above roles please download and fill in the application form found on the Registration Forms page.

Getting Help:

If the resources detailed above don't provide the answers you need, contact the team supporting RPS.

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