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Research Applications

Research Applications provide application services from innovation, grants and funding through to publication and exploitation. Our principal aims are to help accelerate the research lifecycle and facilitate collaboration through the provision of world-class research administration, research publication and collaborations systems.

Research Equipment Catalogue

The Research Equipment Catalogue is an online searchable database containing information about all UCL’s major research equipment and facilities. Researchers can find information on equipment items and use an enquiry form to contact the owner.

Institutional Research Information System (IRIS)

IRIS is a one-stop shop for information on research activity at UCL. The key focus is the Researcher Profile which combines automatically generated content with researcher's own summaries of their activity.

Research Publications Service (RPS)

RPS helps researchers to manage their publications. It 'harvests' publications data from various authoritative online sources to significantly reduce the amount of data entry required to keep publications data up-to-date.

Online Support

Find user guides and FAQs for IRIS, RPS and the Research Equipment Catalogue here:


Our activities are governed by the Research IT Applications Group, chaired by Dr Sinéad Kennedy.

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