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One source for research publications

The Research Publications System (RPS) is designed to provide UCL Researchers with a single point of entry for all publications and research outputs. RPS provides automatic harvesting of public data sources (Web of Science (Lite), Scopus, PubMed, arXiv etc.) as well as manual entry of journal articles, chapters, books, performances, exhibitions and so on.  Through maintaining publications in RPS, a researcher’s publications are readily available for reuse in IRIS, UCL/Discovery and similar tools.

Long-term storage of research data

In much the same way that the output of research activity is a peer reviewed publication, Research Data Services will allow researchers to ‘publish’ their research data into a long-term data archive. These research data will be kept safe for long periods of time, generally greater than five years, and remain available to reference, cite and reuse as permitted by those responsible for the data.

Conduct Research


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