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Conduct Research

Secure research data storage facilities

The increasing ability to generate research data requires much more stable and scalable storage facilities.  An internal or external hard drive is often an insufficient – as well as unstable – platform to store data long term.  Research Data Services' core offering will be an enterprise grade data storage facility that will scale to many terabytes per research project, and ensure significantly enhanced resilience without the need to manage back-up and disaster recovery as a project overhead.

Sharing research facilities

UCL is a member of a South of England consortium that will promote greater sharing of research facilities between member institutions in keeping with Research Councils’ requirement for greater use of funded facilities.  Researchers can use the UCL Research Equipment Catalogue to view equipment currently within UCL and enquire about its suitability and availability.

Enabling computationally intensive research

Research Computing platform services enable the acceleration and enhancement of different classes of computationally intensive research, and provide support and training for users with all levels of experience. Scientific Software development services will be launched late in 2012 providing programming and best practice.

Information, support and training

Within the RITS organisation, dedicated Facilitators will ensure researchers are kept up to date about new Research IT services, and enhancements to existing services through a managed outreach programme. The Facilitators will also assist in getting you started using specific Research IT Services and help you get access to further support such as consultancy and training services.

Initiate and Innovate


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