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WTS and ADS equipment orders

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More information about IDTs

Once you have selected the products you wish to order from our website, you will need to send us an electronic internal order (eIDT) via FIS Iprocurement or complete a paper-based internal order form (IDT), which commits your department to the spend for the total cost of the equipment requested.

Electronic IDTs (eIDTs)

If your department is set-up for electronic IDTs, then this is the easiest and quickest way to place your order with ISD. To do this you will need to login to FIS and go the IDT Orderer module, from there you should create a new eIDT Order.

1. When you enter the eIDT details screen you should first select INFORMATION SERVICES DIVISION from the 'Supplying Dept.' drop down box. From the 'Supplier' drop-down box you should select (IT Purchasing). If you would like to attach any quotes or extra information, then please do so by clicking the 'Add' button (circled below).


2. Please include a description of each item you wish to order on a separate line (as circled in the example above) and write the quantities in the description, as a quantity field has not been included on eIDT system. Please ensure that this description is as detailed as possible to ensure that the correct equipment is ordered. If the information we are sent is unclear then we will return the eIDT to the ordering department.

3. Enter your department cost code or grant number, if this information is missing the eIDT will be returned.

4. Enter the full line amount including VAT (unless this order is zero rated). If the order is VAT zero-rated then please supply us with a signed and completed ZERO VAT certificate in the post or a scanned copy as an attachment to the eIDT. If the amount on the eIDT does not cover the cost of the order then we will return the eIDT requesting for this to be amended before proceeding with the order.

5. Please enter the full delivery address by clicking on 'Remarks' and entering this information as shown in the example below. If your delivery address is too long to fit in this box, then please include this as an attached text file.


If the specific delivery information is missing from the IDT then we will address the order to the last delivery address used, or the main registered address for your department. So if you need it delivered anywhere else then please specify this on the IDT as instructed above.

6. Once this is complete please send this to us.

Please be aware that if the IDT is not clear, has key information missing, or if the pricing is incorrect, we will return your IDT foir corrections which will delay your order. For more help on filling in eIDTs please go to: or contact the FIS team

We will process IDTs and eIDT orders within two working days of receipt. If you have any pre-sales queries, please email

If you wish to receive an update on when your order will be delivered, please email