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Equipment for ISD Desktop services

Information on WTS
Information on ADS
Help with completing and sending IDTs

Below are links to the equipment supported on the two ISD desktop services - WTS & ADS (CSS divisions only). All the equipment supported on these services are from the manufacturers corporate ranges to ensure consistency and quality.

If you have any questions regarding any of the equipment featured on these web pages then please contact the IT purchasing team


Desktop Computers

Desktop Computers supported on the WTS service

Desktop Computers supported on the ADS service


No laptop support on WTS

Laptops supported on the ADS service

Printers/Multi-function devices

Please contact to discuss your requirements for printers and Multi-function devices so we can recommend suitable devices to fit your requirements.


Scanners supported on the WTS service

Scanners supported on the ADS service


Smartphones & PDAs

No smartphone support on WTS

Please refer to Telecommunications for purchasing advice and the handheld section of our website for support advice,


Supported models

Please refer to Telecommunications for purchasing and billing advice and the ADS website for setting up ADS email on your phone.

Supported  Supported on this service  
Not supported  Not supported on this service

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