RDP via Windows 7

There are TWO parts to these instructions.

First: you need to set up RDP on your Windows 7 machine at work.

Second: you need to set up an RDP connection on your PC at home.

Part 1: Set up RDP on your Windows 7 work PC

Important: The following needs to be done on your work PC before connecting from home. You must have administrative rights on your work PC in order to follow these instructions. Please check with your local IT support before proceeding.
A. Enable your computer as the Host

Before you use Remote Desktop, your system has to be set up properly to allow it to be controlled. 

1. Go to:

Start > Control Panel > User Accounts

2. In the Control Panel, click on the System and Security link.


3.  Under System click on Allow remote access.


4. Under Remote Desktop, select Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication. Click Apply.

Note: If you would like to connect using a computer that does not support Network Level Authentication choose Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop.


5. Click on the Select Users… button and click the Add button in the Remote Desktop Users window.


6. Click the Advanced… button in the Select Users window.

7. Click on the Find Now button to locate the users that you would like to grant access to via Remote Desktop. Click on the user and click OK when done.

Select people

8. Click OK 3 times to exit all of the dialog boxes.

Ok and exit
B. Make a note of your IP address

9. Click on Start and type cmd into the Search box. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

10. In the window that opens, type: ipconfig and press Enter.

12. Look for the IPv4 Address line and make a note of the numbers after it. This is your IP Address. (Remember to take this home with you!)

Your Windows 7 Machine is now ready to be connected via Remote Connection.

Please do not switch your machine off when you leave work. It needs to be left on in order for you to connect from home.

Now proceed to Part 2: Set up an RDP connection on your home PC.

Part 2: Set up an RDP connection on your home PC

IMPORTANT: The following needs to be done on your home PC, once you have setup your PC at work (see Part 1).

Before following the instructions below, ensure that your home machine is connected to the UCL network via VPN if you have not done so already. Then return to these instructions.

A: Connecting to a remote desktop

This section will walk you through the process of connecting to a remote desktop on the UCL network.

1. Go to: Start  > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection


2. Type the IP address of your work computer (the one you made a note of) in the Computer: text box.

3. Click Connect


4. Sign-on to the computer when prompted for credentials.

(Remember, you need to enter the username and password for the machine - which may be different from your UCL userid and password.)