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We can provide advice and assist in the acquisition of mobile phones and paging units, both for permanent use and on temporary loan.

We can obtain low-cost mobile telephones for business use - UCL currently has two contracts with a choice of Vodafone or T-Mobile (EE) for business tariffs under the Government Procurement Service UCL does not, and can not supply mobile devices under tariffs designed for retail sales or contracts that include calls and texts within it.

Please note: If you are going to be a big data user you must let us know so we can advise on the best bolt on. Telecoms can't be held responsible for installed software or phone settings that constantly access mobile data. Large downloads can seriously add to the cost of your bill.

As a guide, please see the following examples of costs (November 2011):

Basic Voice Rental - £2.50 PCM +VAT

VF - Windows Mobile Email; Voice and up to 3Gb of data - £12.50 +VAT

TM - Mobile Broadband Plus £12.77 +VAT

iPhone Rental; Up to 1Gb of data/WiFi only, £10.51 +VAT

Handset costs vary between £40 for a basic Nokia up to £450 for a Smartphone device.

For advice and costs of mobile communications email

To check T-Mobile (EE) coverage maps click HERE

To check Vodafone coverage maps click HERE

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