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Network Switches

This page explains the different switches options that we support, and the process for purchasing new switches, or replacing existing switches.

We will take delivery, configure and install the switches for your department, and keep you updated on the progress of each new request.

We keep stocks of supported models or their direct equivalent for their supported lifetime (a guaranteed minimum of 5 years, currently it is more than double that) and in the unlikely event of switch failure, aim to replace failed device the same working day where possible.

To ensure a consistent user experience, we aim for a maximum contention ratio of 10:1 on any uplink – there is a little more detail on each switch model where is this relevant.

As part of the UCL cost and energy reduction strategy, all new client switches must have the ability to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is necessary for both wireless, and Voice over IP (also called IP Telephony) deployment.

Upgrades will require the department to fund the full cost of the new switches. Due to budget constraints, we cannot “buy back” used switches, but we will redeploy or store them for you as needed.

ISD Network Services will provide one wired port per user as standard. Building occupancy figures will be based on the numbers provided to ISD by UCL Estates. Where additional capacity is required ISD Network Services will conduct a survey to verify that no ports are patched but unused. Between 2014-01-01 and 2015-01-01 ISD Network Services will be trialling a new approach to capacity increases. Subject to agreement by Network Services that additional capacity is required, extra switches will be provided without cost to the department within this period.

Switch models

Select your requirement type to see the recommended switches for that requirement type.

Client Connections
Server Connections
Older models End of life models

Other considerations

Uplink and Stacking Modules

In addition to the cost of a switch, you may also need interface modules. Exactly what is needed depends on what you have currently and what speed you’ll be using.

Guide prices:

These are just a rough guide and assume suitable fibre is already available, please do not use these for IDTs.

Completely new install: £500

Add 2960 (not S or X) to stack of 2960 switches (max 4): £0

Add 2960 (not S or X) to stack of 2950 switches (max 4): £200

Add 2960S or X: between £200 and £500 depending on existing setup

10G connectivity (where available): Typically around £1600 for very short distances (e.g. within 10m), £3500 for longer distances.

Non supported switches

The use of non-supported switches (especially non-managed, or “dumb” switches) may mean that we are unable to assist with network problems until these are removed. This is not just us being awkward, in some cases it can make the troubleshooting impossible, because they can mask serious issues, as well as not being able to detect network loops.

The Full Ordering/Installation Process for Switch Upgrades

  1. Decide on what you think you need
  2. Contact with the details of your requirements, including number of connections needed, location, speeds
  3. We will create an equipment list and get a prices from our suppliers and send you the cheapest.
  4. Send (e)IDT to ISD Purchasing. 
  5. Equipment will be delivered to Network Services
  6. We will configure the switch and let you know when we are ready to install it
  7. Installation on an agreed date and time (Mon – Fri, 8am – 4pm start time)

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