Institutional Firewall

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a device used to help secure local networks against unauthorised intrusion by outsiders. The device is typically located at the boundary where an organisation connects to the global Internet.

The UCL Institutional Firewall

Historically, the UK academic community has had a very permissive stance in regard to network security. UCL has been no exception and has suffered denial-of-service attacks and break-ins as a consequence.

The UCL Institutional Firewall Project has as its goal the identification, piloting and deployment of firewall technology for the College so as to provide a consistent level of network protection across the whole of the College's campus network. This network comprises both academic and administrative departments, the medical school and merged or merging institutions. The firewall will not, at least in the first instance, impact upon those other organisations that connect to the London MAN, JANET and the Internet via UCL. These organisations include other HEIs connecting under UKERNA contract and sponsored connections.

The UCL Institutional Firewall has been in service since 2004. It is currently on its second generation of hardware which was provisioned in Autumn 2014.