General network services

Halls of Residence
Conferences Institutional firewall
Departmental firewalls
Resilience Sponsored/proxy connections Network Suppliers GRID/HPC

The links above provide information on the various services offered by the UCL Network group.

Halls of Residence - Information of how students can connect their desktop/laptop to the ResNet network.

Conferences - Information for conference organisers on how to request network services for conferences and meetings of both internal and external delegates.

Institutional firewall - information on UCL's Institutional Firewall which provides protection for the UCL network against unauthorised intrusion by outsiders.

Departmental firewalls - information on departmental firewall provision which provides protection at departmental network level against unauthorised network access.

Resilience - Information on the measures implemented to provide continuity of service in the event of a point of failure.

Sponsored/proxy connections - UCL provides 3rd party Higher and Further Education institutions with a connection through UCL's primary connection to JANET.

Network Suppliers - Information on the approved suppliers for network cabling.

HPC/GRID - Information on the The Research Computing community at UCL.