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Windows Mobile 6 (Standard) UCL email setup

The below instructions are for Smartfone devices (phones without touch screens) that operate on the Windows Mobile 6 platform.

NB: Although the below steps are for non-touch screen devices, the process will be nearly identical for touch screen (Windows Mobile Professional).

  1. From the Home Screen select Start.

    Start button
  2. Select Messaging from the Menu screen.

    Messaging option
  3. Select New Email Account.

    New email account
  4. Type in your UCL Email Address. Uncheck the box Try to get e-mail settings automatically from the Internet and select Next.

    Email setup
  5. Select Internet e-mail as your email provider from the drop-down menu.

    Email provider
  6. Enter your name as you want it to appear in sent emails and select Next.

    Display name option
  7. Enter in the incoming mail server field and select IMAP4 from the Account type drop-down menu.

    (NB: If you are a POP User the incoming mail server is and the Account type is POP3.)

    Incoming server details
  8. Enter in your UCL User ID and Password and select Next.

    Your credentials
  9. Enter in the Outgoing mail server field and check the boxes: Outgoing server requires authentication & Use the same name and password for sending e-mail.

    Outgoing server details
  10. Select Advanced Server Settings and check the box Require SSL for Outgoing e-mail.

    SSL option
  11. From the drop-down menu select the time interval required for Automatic Send/Receive. Finally select Finish to complete email setup.

    Check new email options