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Windows Mobile 5 UCL email setup

The below instructions are for PDA/Smartfone devices that operate on Windows Mobile 5.

  1. Open device email client by selecting Start > Messaging:

    Start menu
  2. Tap Menu and then select Tools > New Account:

    New account
  3. Enter in your UCL Email Address and then tap Next.

    Email address
  4. Skip Auto Configuration by selecting Next.

    Skip auto config
  5. Enter in your Name, User ID & Password. Tap Next.

    Add user details
  6. Select IMAP4 for Account type and then enter in useful name for this account e.g. UCL. Tap Next.

    (NB: If you are a POP user select Account Type as POP3)

    POP or IMAP account
  7. Enter in UCL Mail Server settings and then select Options:

    Incoming Mail: (For the POP users:
    Outgoing Mail:
    Domain: Leave Empty

    Server details
  8. In order to set the Device to check for new messages automatically: Check the box Connect and check for messages every: and specify the number of interval minutes. Tap Next.

    Check new messages option
  9. Check the Require SSL Connection & Outgoing mail requires authentication boxes. Tap Next.

    SSL option
  10. Depending on your preference you can either select it to Get message headers only or Get full copy of message.

    Get message headers only: This setting does not download the full message, only headers. It reduces the amount of time taken to download messages and takes up less storage space on device.
    Get full copy of message: This option downloads entire message onto device, allowing you to read messages offline. However, this will take up more storage space on the device.

    Message headers option
  11. Tap Finish to complete Email setup.