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  1. Select Synthesis SyncML from the Programs Menu.

    Programs window
  2. Select Extras > Settings... from the bottom of the screen.

    SyncML client
  3. Enter in the SyncML Server address and your UCL User ID & Password.
    SyncML Server Address:

    Check the items you want to Synchronise i.e. Events and then select the Organizer tab.

    Server settings
  4. Enter in the following Server Path settings to synchronise Contact, Events & Tasks.

    Contacts: ./Contacts
    Events: ./Calendar/Events
    Tasks: ./Calendar/Tasks

    (NB: The Slow Sync Mode is only required for the first synchronisation, it should then default to Normal.)

    Sync settings
  5. Select ok to go back to the SyncML Startup Screen.
  6. Select Extras > Connection Settings... from the bottom of the screen.
  7. Ensure connection management settings are Automatic.

    Connection settings
  8. Start the synchronisation by tapping the Start icon with two arrows in the middle. The main screen will then show some progress information i.e. how many events are sent/received.
  9. Finally the screen should read Completed OK and the last sync will display the current date and time.

    Sync complete

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