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Sync Clients-Palm on WTS

Oracle CorporateSync 9.0.4 for Palm, Windows Edition
Please note: You will need the instruction booklet that came with your Palm,
in addition to the information on this web page.

This section contains these topics:

System Requirements for WTS Only Managed PC PDA Synchronization

The following table contains basic system requirements to allow you to synchronize your Oracle Calendar diary with your Palm PDA.

Hardware/operating system
  • Windows 2000 (or higher) based WTS Only PC
  • USB port
Palm PDA device
  • Any Palm-compatible device running Palm OS 3.3 to 5x. If you are running an older version of Palm OS, check your manufacturer's site for updates.
  • USB cable for PDA

From the WTS Start Panel, click on the Tools button. On the Toolbar menu that appears you will see a button called Applications. There are three icons on the Applications Panel that relate to PDA synchronization:-

  • Oracle Calendar Sync Setup
  • Full Sync Setup
  • Hotsync Your PDA
Local apps on WTS

Setting Up Oracle Calendar Synchronization on a WTS Only PC
  1. Palm PDA synchronization with Oracle Calendar is available to users who have Windows 2000-based WTS Only managed PCs and a USB port. Your Palm PDA must also be able to connect to a PC using a USB cable.
  2. From the WTS Start Panel, click on Tools, Applications, Oracle Calendar Sync Setup.

    Sync settings
  3. Enter your username and password. The server information should already be set as
  4. You will now be able to Hotsync your Oracle Calendar diary with your Palm device, please refer to your manufacturers user guide on how to do this.

Full Sync Setup

If you are finding that your PDA seems to be connecting to Oracle Calendar succesfully, but some of your meetings are not being synchronized try running a Full Synchronization.

Hotsync Your PDA

If your PDA is failing to connect to your managed PC, it may be that the Hotsync software has stopped running. Use this icon to restart Hotsync.

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