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Oracle CorporateSync 10.1.1 for Pocket PC, Windows Edition

This section contains these topics:

System Requirements

The following table contains the Oracle CorporateSync for Pocket PC, Windows Edition systems requirements.

Operating Systems Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows NT 4.0
Disk Space 75 MB
ActiveSync ActiveSync 3.0 to 3.8
Any Pocket PC-compatible device running Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003

IS have tested the following PDA's and synchronised them successfully with the Oracle Calendar Windows Client:

  • HP iPAQ 1930

Installing Oracle CorporateSync 10.1.1 for Pocket PC, Windows Edition

This section describes how to install Oracle CorporateSync for Pocket PC, Windows Edition.

If you have a previous version of Oracle Calendar Sync (CorporateSync) installed, it is recommended that you perform a synchronization before you install Oracle Calendar Sync for Pocket PC.

1. Ensure that ActiveSync is installed on your computer.

2. Download cal_syncppc_win_1012.exe

3. The following dialogue window will appear

Download box

4. Click 'Save'.

5. You will then be prompted as to where you want to save the file. Choose a location to save the file (eg C:\Temp). Note: The File Download dialogue box may look different depending on what version of Windows you have installed.

6. Once the file has downloaded you can run it by double-clicking on it.

7. Accept the license agreement and choose an installation directory.

Destination folder

8. Choose an installation type. Choosing 'Complete' will allow you to sync your Oracle Calendar Meetings, Day Events and Daily Notes to your Pocket PC. Tasks will be imported to your Pocket PC's To Do List, and Address will go into the Address Book.

If you choose Custom, there is no difference between This feature will be installed on local hard drive and This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on your local hard drive. Select the conduits you want to install.

Setup type

8. Enter your user information, including user name, password, calendar server. The UCL calendar server is

Sync settings for Pocket PC

9. Ensure that you install Oracle Calendar Sync Helper files when prompted by the application. Your device must be connected to install these files.

10. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

11. Remove your device from its cradle.

12. If you are upgrading from a previous version, select File > Delete Partnership.

13. Return your device to the cradle. The ActiveSync Partnership Wizard starts.

14. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new ActiveSync Partnership. Select Oracle Calendar as your plug-in for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.

15. Open Microsoft ActiveSync if it does not open automatically.

16 Click Sync if synchronization is not automatically initiated. The first time you synchronize, a full synchronization will occur.