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  1. From the Home screen tap the SyncML Pro.

    syncml icon
  2. Tap the Settings icon from the bottom menu bar.
  3. On the Settings screen, touch the arrow next to Server Settings.

    Step 1
  4. Enter in the following Server URL:

    Tap the Save button to confirm changes.

  5. Enter in your IS User ID & Password and then tap the Save button.
  6. Tap the Settings button (top left corner) in order to return to the Settings screen.

    SyncML Settings
  7. Turn ON Calender and tap the arrow next to it.
  8. Set the Sync Mode to: Slow Sync
    (NB: The Slow Sync Mode is only required for the first synchronisation, it should then default to Normal.)
  9. Enter in the server path: ./Calendar/Events
  10. If you want to set a date range, turn on Date Range Limits and enter in the number of days before and after sync date.

    (The default date range on the server is 30 Days in the Past & 90 Days in the Future).

  11. Check that the option All local calendars is turned OFF.
  12. From the Included Calendars menu, select Calendar.
  13. Tap the Settings button (top left corner) in order to return to the Settings screen and tap Done to confirm changes:

    syncml cal 1syncml cal 2
  14. Touch the Start Synchronisation. The main screen will then show some progress information i.e. how many events are sent/received.
  15. Finally the screen should read Sync successfully completed. Calendar entries can then be viewed from iCal on the device.

    SyncML Final1SyncML Final2

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