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Please note that BlackBerry devices are not supported by ISD as they are not compatible with current ISD Services such as live@UCL and UCL Go! Documentation is provided for guidance purposes only.


  • If selecting Skip saving attendees does not prevent emails from being sent out after syncing events with multiple attendees, you will need to remove the CICAL service books from your device. This will disable the function of emails being sent through your calendar (regular email will be unaffected). To remove the service books:

    1. Go to: Settings/Advanced Options/Service Books
    2. Remove all service books with "CICAL" in the name. There will be one for each email account that has been setup on the device.
  • Warning: The removal of CICAL service books should be done as a last resort. In addition, please note that you will no longer be able to invite attendees to meetings you add on your Blackberry Device after removing the service books.

  • If the sync stops with the error 506: Transport Layer failed or 408: Time Out its possible that you are in an area with poor data coverage or the network has got congested. Try syncing again in a different location or time of day.

  • If the synchronisation problems persist then:

    1. Power off device and remove battery.
    2. Wait 30 seconds.
    3. Replace battery and power on device.
    4. Wait for wireless service to start.
    5. Re-attempt Sync.