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Please note that BlackBerry devices are not supported by ISD as they are not compatible with current ISD Services such as live@UCL and UCL Go! Documentation is provided for guidance purposes only.


There are two ways of installing the client onto the device:

Over the Air Installation

  1. Point blackberry browser to: [External link]
  2. Follow the on screen instructions.

Installation via the Blackberry Desktop Manager

  1. Go to [External link]
  2. Select SyncJe for Blackberry and click onto the download button.
  3. Save the file and unzip the files onto your hard drive.
  4. Connect the Blackberry device onto your computer.
  5. Start the Blackberry Desktop Manager and double click onto the Application Loader.

    Application loader
  6. The Application Loader Wizard will now appear, click Next.
  7. Select Add on the Application Selector Dialog box and go to the directory where you unzipped the files. Open the file syncje_bbclient.alx

    Open client
  8. You should now see the SyncJe-BB application and several other modules in your list of applications. Click Next to transfer the application onto your Blackberry.

    Device app selection
  9. The Blackberry will restart after clicking on Finish. The SyncJe client should now be on the applications section of your device.

Now proceed to: Configuration