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Please note that BlackBerry devices are not supported by ISD as they are not compatible with current ISD Services such as live@UCL and UCL Go! Documentation is provided for guidance purposes only.


  1. On the main Blackberry menu screen select SyncJe.
  2. The SyncJe Startup screen will then appear. Click the trackball and select Settings.
  3. Enter license Name and Key (you can skip this step when using trial version).
  4. Enter in the Server URL:
  5. Enter in your IS User ID and Password
  6. The following folder paths need to be entered, in order to synchronise Contact, Events and Tasks: Contacts: ./Contacts Events (Calendar): ./Calendar/Events Tasks (ToDo): ./Calendar/Tasks
  7. If you want to set a date range, put a tick on Sync events between and enter in the number of days before and after sync date.
  8. Select the transport mode your device uses to connect onto the internet: WAP, MDS or BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). If you are unsure, please contact your service providor.
  9. Scroll down further and select the option Skip saving attendees. If this option is not selected, the calendar application on the Blackberry will send out email notifications to all individuals when syncing events with multiple attendees.
  10. If using WAP, you may need to enter in your service providors APN settings. This can be done by going to: Options/Advanced Options/TCP. (A PDF page with a list of common Service Providor WAP settings can be found on the Nexthaus website [External link]).
  11. Once you have completed entering in the settings described above, you can start the sync. This is done by going back to the Startup Screen and selecting Start Sync from the pop up menu. NB: If the License Name & Key has not been entered in, a Registration Dialog box will pop up warning that you have 15 days left. You just have to acknowledge the message by clicking OK.

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