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Using the UCL directory

Thunderbird has an option to configure an ldap server which will allow you access to the UCL directory and allow you to search contacts details for other staff members:-

1. Click Tools in the menu bar, then select Account Settings.

2. Select Composition & Addressing on the left-hand side pane. Then make sure the circle next to 'Use a different LDAP server' is filled in and click the Edit Directories button.

Configuring Thunderbird 1

3. On the "LDAP Directory Servers" window, click Add to display the window below.

Configuring Thunderbird 2

4. On the "Directory Server Properties" window, change the details so that the information matches that which is listed here:

  • NAME - UCL Directory
  • BASE DN - leave blank
  • PORT NUMBER- 389
  • BIND DN -leave blank

After entering the information click ok to both sets of windows.

5. Now you will be able to select the UCL directory on the addressing panel.

Configuring Thunderbird 3

6. Click ok to save these changes.