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Filtering SPAM with Thunderbird

Thunderbird filters can help you automatically organise your mail into various mailboxes. It will allow you to create a filter and run a filter to move messages into various mailboxes:-

1. To create a mail filter, select Tools > Message Filter.

2. Click on the filters for drop down list and select the <account name> for which you want to create the filter for.

3. Click new to create new filter.

Creating a Mail Filter 1

4. Give the filter a name and indicate the type of messages you want to filter and the actions the filter should perform.For example to set up a SPAM filter you need to match the following conditions subject contains {SPAM?} move message to     Deleted on <account name>.

5. Click OK to confirm that you have created a new filter.To run the filter, click on the filter name, select the mailbox you wish to run the filter on and click run now.

Creating a Mail Filter 2