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Set up Thunderbird in WTS

Thunderbird is pre-installed on computers managed by IS i.e. Staff WTS.

Go to Start > Programs > Sotware S-Z > Thunderbird > Thunderbird

To launch Thunberbird in WTS, go to Start > Programs > Software S-Z > Thunderbird > Thunderbird

Activate your Thunderbird account in WTS

1. When you first start Thunderbird in WTS, you will see the following screen:

Start screen

2. Select Option 1. (Setup Thunderbird account using IMAP)

3. Enter your name and userid when prompted to do so.

4. Your email account will be created, as illustrated below:

IMAP screen set up

5. Your email will arrive in your IMAP mailbox list not Local Folders. You should create any new folders under your account name - not Local Folders.

6. You're all set up and ready to go!

You can customise Thunderbird to suit your needs. See the Using Thunderbird documentation for more information.