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Creating and managing mailboxes

IMAP folder size list
Automatic Inbox split
Subscribing mailboxes

Managing your mailboxes (Folders)
Creating a new folder
Transferring messages
Deleting folders
Subscribing/unsubscribing folders

Managing your mailboxes (Folders)

It is important to manage your mailboxes, particularly your In / Out and Sent by limiting the number of messages you have stored in these mailboxes. Not doing so could affect the performance speed of SquirrelMail.

You are advised to split up your mailboxes if they are larger than 20Mb in size. This can be done by creating additional mailboxes/folders and moving messages into them. For example your Sent Items can be split into 'sent2004', 'sent2005' with this years mail in your usual Sent Items mailbox.

Failure to keep your Inbox under the 20Mb limit, could result in your Inbox being automatically split for you.

The steps below explain how to transfer your messages and create new folders.

Create a new mailbox (Folder)

  1. Click on the Folders option.
  2. Under Create Folder, type in the name for your new folder
  3. Click on the Create button to save your changes.
Note: If you want to be able to create subfolders in your new folder, then you must put a tick next to: Let this folder contain sub folders. If you do not require sub folders and just want to create a regular mailbox, then leave the tick out of the box.
Creating and Managing Mailboxes 1

Transferring messages

To transfer messages out of your Inbox into other folders:

  1. Select the message(s) that you want to move by putting a tick in the box.
  2. Click on the down arrow under Move selected to and choose the mailbox that you wish to move the mail into.
Creating and Managing Mailboxes 2

Now click on the move button:

Creating and Managing Mailboxes 3

After a few moments, your mail will have been transferred to the new mailbox.

Deleting folders

To delete a folder from your folder list:

  1. Click on the Folder option.
  2. You will see a Delete Folder heading. Click on the down arrow and select the folder you wish to delete:
Creating and Managing Mailboxes 4

3.   Once you have selected the folder, click the Delete button.

Note: When you delete a folder, you will also PERMANENTELY REMOVE any messages which were saved in that folder.

Subscribing/unsubscribing folders

SquirrelMail uses the subscription facility on the IMAP server to determine which folders to display. You may have many folders, but do not need to see all of them in SquirrelMail. Subscribing allows you to set your preferences as to which folders you want to see in the folder list. Unsubscribing does the opposite, it hides the folders that you do not want to see.

Please note that unsubscribing does not delete your folders or prevent your access to them. You are simply telling SquirrelMail that you do not wish to see a particular folder or folders at present. You can subscribe (bring back to view) any unsubscribed mailbox at any time.

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