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Using the out of office response service

An out-of-office response service is available for all our users

You will find this service very useful if you are going to be away from UCL and need to inform people who send you email.

This web page is password protected so you will need to use your central UCL userid and password to access it.

You can set two different out of office messages; one in reply to email from internal UCL senders (e.g. UCL and departmental email addresses ) and the other sent in reply to external (non UCL) senders . The advantage of this is that you may not wish to let people outside UCL know exactly where you are for privacy and security reasons or you may just want to send a more informative message to UCL senders.
Click here for example messages.

If one of the out of office message boxes is left blank, then no message will be sent to that group of senders. For example, you can choose to compose a message for just internal senders or vice versa. If you wish to send the same message to both internal UCL senders or external senders, enter the same message in both boxes.
The service will not reply to any messages with a spam score of 3 or more, in addition it will not reply to any email sent from mailing lists or certain types of addresses associated with mailing lists.

When you return to UCL simply remove any text in the vacation message boxes to stop the messages being sent out.
Please ensure you enter your main UCL password to verify any changes before submitting the form.

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