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Moving multiple items from Deleted Items

[The following is taken from the Microsoft website] 

In Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, when you move or copy multiple items from the Deleted Items folder, you may receive the following warning:

Creating a new item from the selected items could take sometime. Are you sure you want to create a new item from these <number> items.

<number> = the number of the selected items you are trying to move or copy

The items that you are trying to copy or move include meeting invitations or requests. When you move or copy meeting requests to a different folder, Outlook automatically creates a new message and attaches the meeting items to that message.


To work around this issue, make sure that meeting or appointment items are not included in the selection of items that are to be moved or copied. You can do this by using any of the following methods:

  • Delete the meeting appointment items before you perform a bulk move or copy.
  • Select all the items in the folder by using the CTRL+A keys, then hold down the CTRL key down, and then click to deselect the meeting/appointment items.

After all the meeting/appointment items are deselected, then move or copy the remaining items.

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