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Local printing in WTS 2000 from WTS 2010

You have the option in Staff WTS 2010 to launch a new Staff WTS 2000 connection in your active session.

For more details see: FAQ about Staff WTS 2010

If you have a local printer, it should be automatically be picked up in Staff WTS 2010 as long as you have it set as default on the PC locally.

However, when you launch Staff WTS 2000 from within WTS 2010, you will notice that your local printer is not available. This is intentional. Auto-creation of local printers have been disabled between the two services as this is known to cause performance related issues.

We recommend that if you need to print in WTS 2000 that you use a separate session rather than log in to WTS 2000 from within WTS 2010. This way you will be able to access your local printer.

To do this:

Instructions for Managed PC users

When you are logged in to Staff WTS 2010:

  • Press Shift+F2
  • Press Alt+tab
  • You will then see the Staff WTS start panel
  • Click on the Staff WTS 2000 button and log in as normal
  • To switch back to Staff WTS 2010, press Alt+tab and Shift F2 again to maximise the window.
Instructions for standalone PC users

You will need to create a new Citrix ICA connection to Staff WTS 2000 if you have not kept your old one.

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