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In-line response

Q. Is it possible to insert comments in line with the original message?

If the format of the message is plain text, yes.

However, if the format of the message is HTML/Rich text, you will notice a solid blue line down the side of the message that cannot be broken by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to break the blue line in Outlook 2010. It has been this way since Outlook 2007.

The only work around is to:

1. Change the colour of the font when replying so that your text stands out from the original.

2. Under “Replies and forwards” (in Options (File > Options), change the ‘Reply’ setting to “Include and indent original message text” (don’t use the prefix option).

This won’t remove the blue line, but when you hit return to start a new line in the body of the text, it will set your text back slightly from the original. This will make it a little more obvious where your reply starts and ends.

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