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Troubleshooting...Ex Directory Staff

The data used to populate the live@UCL address book or Global Address List (GAL) is taken from UPI. Where existing UCL staff has had their status set to ex-directory, The GAL will be populated with an alternative naming convention of Surname, Forename.

  • Their display name within the Outlook Address Book (GAL) will appear as their User ID. For example ccaaxxx.
  • The primary SMTP email address of the user is set to their for e.g. (  The existing friendly alias email addresses will continue to work e.g. but emails will be sent from the

To Change this, be listed as Non Ex-Directory and be part of the UCL Directory, please visit the following URL within the UCL self-service pages. Once this has been amended the users display name will be updated in the GAL and the friendly alias will become the primary SMTP address.

For Ex-Directory users within the UPI self-service page, there is a checkbox next to “Make the entire entry Ex-Directory”. This needs to be un-checked.

Please note that changes to the directory take place over night and can take a further day to be propagated to all systems.  If you encounter any problems with this process, please contact the Service Desk.

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