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Live@ucl message limits and retention policies

[Some of the following is taken directly from Microsoft's web site]

Message limits

Live@ucl has message and recipient limits that control, for example, the maximum total size of an email message, the maximum number of file attachments allowed, subject length limit and so on.

These controls are set by the Microsoft Live service.

See: Complete list of the Message and Recipient limits [External link]

Retention limits

Retention limits control the amount of time that items in specific folders are accessible.

For example, Deleted items remain in the Deleted Items for a maximum of 30 days, or you can empty the Deleted Items folder yourself at any time.

Once the Deleted Items folder has been emptied, you then have a further 14 days in which you can recover the items emptied from the folder. After this period of time, your deleted items will be permanently removed and no longer recoverable.

See: Complete list of Retention limits [External link]

See: Details of how to recover items in Outlook 2010 and OWA.

Please note: Due to a fault, the Deleted Items folder is currently not being emptied within its 30 day time limit. This is being investigated. Once fixed, you may notice that items older the '30 day' limit are removed from your Deleted Items folder and are also non recoverable.

Please do not store items in the Deleted Items folder that you may wish at a later date. Items in this folder could be removed and permanently deleted without prior notice.

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