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Major differences between Outlook 2010 and Thunderbird

Differences between using live@ucl with Outlook 2010 and IMAP on Thunderbird.

More than just email

Outlook is more than just a Mail client, it also has an integrated Calendar, Tasks and Notes.  Search for and organise items across all these and create one type of item from another, for example create a task from an email message.

Similar feature, different name

Outlook Thunderbird What it does
 How it's different
Categories Tags Categorise and colour code messages You can have more Categories than Tags. Tags colour the text of the line of the message whereas Categories are shown in the Categories column.
Group related messages
Conversations can include messages from other folders e.g. your Sent Items.
Rules Filters Perform pre-defined actions on messages based on certain criteria Rules offer more options than Filters, for example you can create exceptions to a rule.

Brand new features

Outlook feature
What it does
Automatic Replies
Create a reply to be sent to anyone who sends you an email.  Set a time period for the message to be sent within.  See the Automatic Reply as soon as you address an email to a live@ucl user.
Flags Flag a message by specifying an action to perform and by when. Search, sort and group messages by due date. 
Search folders
Create a 'virtual' folder which gathers together items which meet certain criteria.
Quick steps
Perform one or more pre-defined actions to selected message(s) at the click of a button (or keyboard shortcut)

Other advantages of Outlook 2010

Mail folders can contain both messages and subfolders in Outlook 2010 whereas in Thunderbird they can only contain one or the other.

In Outlook, if your message contains any UCL email addresses that are no longer current, your message will be sent to all valid addresses and you will receive a message telling you the email addresses to which your message couldn't be delivered.  In Thunderbird, the message will fail to send.

Collaborative working

Outlook feature What it does
Send on Behalf Give another live@ucl user permission to send mail on your behalf.
Direct Replies To
Specify a different address for replies to be sent to.
Share mailboxes
Share mail folders with another user.

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