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OWA - Out of Office message

1.  Click on settings button on the top-right corner and select Set Automatic Replies.


2. This will take you to the Organise email/automatic replies tab.

The top area of the window allow you to create an automatic reply to internal users and the bottom area is for external users.

3. In the top area, click on Send automatic replies.

4. And select the box next to Send replies only during this time period.

5. Choose your start and end date/time.

Tip! If you do not specify a start and end time, auto-replies will be sent until you click Don't send automatic replies.

6. In the box under Send a reply once to each sender inside my organization with the following message, type the auto-response that you want sent while you are out of the office.

Please note: Inside My Organization means only people who have moved to the Live@UCL service.

UCL contacts who are not yet using Live@UCL are considered as people Outside My Organisation.
To send auto-replies to 'External Senders'

7. In the bottom half of the window, put a tick in the box next to Send automatic reply messages to External Senders.

8. You have two options:

  • Send replies only to senders in my Contacts list
  • Reply to all senders outside my organization

Please note: Typing a message in this box means that your automated reply will be seen by anyone who sends you an email. This includes:

  • UCL members
  • External contacts
  • Junk email senders

If you don't want your automated reply to be seen by everyone that sends you a message while you are away, you can specify to reply to people who are only in My Contacts.

However: The contact must exist in your Exchange Server Contacts folder. If the contact exists only in a folder that is a part of a Personal Folders file, the auto-reply message will not be sent.

9. Type the message that you want people (in the category you have selected) to see while you are out of the office.

10. Click Save in the bottom of the page.

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