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OWA - Publishing your Calendar

To Publish your calendar you need to visit the Outlook Web App.  Once created you have two links to choose from.  A link to an ICS file (opened in versions of outlook) and also a link to open within any web browser with no requirement of an E-mail client.

Firstly please go to HTTPS://

Step 1.  Sign In using your live@UCL address

Step 2.  Goto Calendar View > Share > Publish This Calendar To The Internet


You are now within the calendar publishing settings and have a host of options from which to choose from.  These include;

Publishing Detail

Availability Only - Availability Only shows Free, Busy, Tentative, or Away.  No attendees visible.

Limited Details - Shows visible times, Dates, Subject of meetings.  Can open meeting, No attendees visible.

Full Details -  Shows all details  Visible times, Dates, Subject of meetings, BOT, Can open meeting, No attendees visible.

Publish My Calendar

Choose the period of time you wish the published calendar to display.  The minimum being 1 day, before and after the present day.  The maximum being 1 year, before and after the present day.  The default set is 3 months either way.

Access Level

- People only have access if they receive a link to your published calendar.

Public - People can search for this calendar on the Internet. Choose this option only if you want your calendar to be available to anyone.

Calendar Links

These display the HTTP addresses for both ICS and Browser links.

Step 3.
When you have chosen your required settings click the Start Publishing button to create two addresses under the calendar links section.


Step 4.  The links are now created so click save.  It is these links you would provide to someone wishing to view your calendar.  Copy and Paste either address and E-mail to who you want to share with.  Depending on how the user wishes to view the calendar pass on the right link, ICS for an outlook user and the web browser link for non outlook users.


Step 5.  If at anypoint you wish to amend the settings you are publishing then return to publishing settings within the calendar.


Please note that No Attendees from meetings are included in any entries.

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