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Accessibility and Outlook/OWA


Below are links and information for accessing Outlook using JAWS.

Keyboard shortcuts


Microsoft Outlook

Disable Announcement of Header Fields

You can now turn off the automatic announcement of the From and Subject fields when you open a message. To change this setting, press INSERT+V, select "Announce Header Fields with Message," and use the SPACEBAR to choose either "Yes" or "No."

Disable Automatic Message Reading

In JAWS 6.20 and later, JAWS no longer reads the entire message automatically when you open it in Outlook. In JAWS 7.0. If you want JAWS to automatically read the message body after reading the subject, press INSERT+V, select "Read Messages Automatically," and press the SPACEBAR to choose "Yes."

Read and Move to the BCC Edit Box

You can now press ALT+6 to read the BCC field while composing a message in Outlook. Press this keystroke twice quickly to move the cursor to the BCC field.

Disable Information Bar Announcement

In JAWS 6.10, a new feature was added that automatically announced the content of the Outlook information bar. If you want to turn this feature off, you can now press INSERT+V, select "Announce Information Bar Messages," and press the SPACEBAR to choose "No."

Message Flag Announcement

If this option is on, JAWS announces when the currently selected message has one of Outlook's message status flags, such as Important, Business, Follow up, Personal, and so on. Turn this option off if you do not want those flags announced. T

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